Family Law ist our core competence.


In your separation and divorce situation, we provide you with competent support and advice and represent your interests as experienced negotiators in a determined and cost-effective manner.

At the same time, you can also expect us to provide you with honest and comprehensive information about the opportunities and risks. We
analyze your situation thoroughly and are also committed to finding creative solutions to problems.
drafting complex agreements.

In addition to traditional advice and representation in separation and divorce situations, we are specialized in the drafting of complex matrimonial property agreements.

In particular, joint properties or companies deserve special attention when drawing up agreements. The variety of possible arrangements enables us to work out a solution tailored to your specific needs.

We also offer joint consultations for couples going through separation and divorce. During the consultation, we can show you how your situation can be settled amicably, draw up agreements for you and make the necessary arrangements with the court.

Experience has shown that - despite the increasingly difficult circumstances in separation and divorce situations - this is still the most satisfactory and ultimately the most cost-effective approach for all parties involved.